Creating Your Staircase

Make it functional and strong

designer staircasesPeople who are planning to build a house prefer to use oak stair parts, because they can easily match any theme that you have, and are known for durability. If you are making a blueprint of your house and you want something that will last for a long time, this would be the best solution for you. Constructing a staircase is one of the most complicated parts in building a house. To make sure that it remains strong and functional, you have to learn how to maintain it. Refinishing your wooden staircases is one way to maintain it, and you can hire people to do the task, or you can finish the whole stairs on your own. If you want to learn how, here are a few tips to help you:

• The first thing that you need to do is remove all of the decorations, shoes and rugs that you have in your stairs. It’s easier to work if you have a clear space in front of you. It will also allow you to save time, since you don’t have to go back and forth when setting your things aside.

• Once everything is clear, check the stairs for bulging nails or screws. This could be dangerous for you and your family. Make sure that you pull them out or hammer them down. If there are certain parts of it that needs to replaced, this is the best time to do it.

• With the use of sandpaper, rub it against the whole stairs. As much as possible, do it in one direction, so that the outcome will be smoother. If ever you encounter a grain of wood, go along with its direction because this will make the process easier for you. When you’re doing this, make sure that you cover all of the corners and those parts that are always neglected.

• Take note that you have to finish the stairs with at least 3 different sandpapers. As you go up the stairs, the grit of the paper should also increase. Once you’re done, try to clean the dust off with a vacuum or a washcloth. It would help if you’re washcloth is slightly wet, so that the dirt can easily stick to it.

• Once you’re through, you can start painting it with a polyurethane finish. It would help if you start from the top. That way, you’ll have something to step on while you’re doing the task. Make sure that you paint it in one direction and that it covers the creases, edges and corners. Allow this to dry for four hours.

• After four hours and when the first coating is dry, apply the second coating of polyurethane in your wood staircases. Give it at least a day before walking on it.

It’s really important that you know how to take care of your house. This will prevent you from going through a lot of oak stair parts and spending money on things that are not that important. Don’t ever think that you can’t do it. Try it out first, as you’ll never know what you can do!